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Capricorn New Moon; Chiron Stationary

December 23, 2022: New Moon at Capricorn 01°32’, 5:16 am EST; Chiron Stationary.

This New Moon aligns with a station of Chiron in Aries, turning direct after being retrograde since July. Where Chiron falls in our chart describes our core wound. The core wound for Chiron in Aries involves difficulties in identifying and then initiating our unique expression. This concept applies collectively as well. Humanity is struggling to initiate a new collective expression.

Jupiter – the principle of expansion – has recently (December 20) reentered Aries for the final time. The Capricorn Sun/Moon conjunction is in a tight T-square with Jupiter and also with Ceres. The last two play primary roles in one of the most important myths of Greek and Roman culture – the kidnapping and rape of Persephone by Pluto/Hades.

Ceres – Demeter to the Greeks – was the Goddess of Agriculture and mother of Persephone. Jupiter – Zeus – was the King of the Gods and Persephone’s father. A turning point in this long and complicated story occurs when Ceres/Demeter is forced to make a deal with Jupiter/Zeus around the return of her daughter. Persephone can live above ground for nine months of the year but for the other three, she must accept her kidnapper as her husband and live with him in the underworld.

The resonance of this myth is strong at this New Moon and will be particularly apparent in the dynamics between opposing parties. As Jupiter completes its transit through Aries over the next few months, expect partisan conflicts to increase as opposing factions attempt to implement what they believe to be right. Negotiation will be required and is also problematic. Is compromise possible when both parties know they are right and the other is absolutely wrong? And, what are the unexpected consequences?

December 22, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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