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Coronavirus Timing

“The Great Shift” – the conjunction between Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn – has been a topic of astrological conversation for over a year. We astrologers have understood that this Capricorn alignment would initiate the disassembly of society as we have known it. Although the effect was clear the mechanism was not. We now understand that Covid-19 is the mechanism.

Mars – Set in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology – has joined the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn alignment. Mars/Set will come into exact conjunction with first Jupiter (March 20), then Pluto (March 23) and finally Saturn (March 31). Saturn will temporarily move into Aquarius – the sign of the collective – on March 23.

The next two weeks are going to be extremely intense. Mars/Set is an activator; he makes things happen. The Warrior King is a complicated archetype. He is loyal, dedicated to a cause, protective, focused, determined and can also be ruthless, cruel and unpredictable. In Greek and Roman myth, Mars (Aries to the Greeks) is the God of War who only shows up when there is a battle. Wars are destructive and they are chaotic. This is a difficult but necessary phase in the dismantling of the old paradigm.

On April 4, Jupiter (the Young King Horus, principle of expansion) exactly conjoins Pluto (Osiris, Lord of Regeneration, principle of death and rebirth). Mercury leaves Pisces on April 10/11. The collective energy will begin to even out in mid-April and we will start adjusting to the irrevocable changes this situation is creating. We have a say in the adjustment – meaning we all have a role in creating the new paradigm – and there are challenges ahead. For right now, hunker down, stay calm and practice love and compassion for your community, your friends and family, and yourself.

March 14, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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