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Gemini Full Moon

December 7, 2022: Full Moon at Gemini 16°01’, 11:08 pm EST.

This Full Moon features Mars Retrograde in a tight conjunction with the Moon. In traditional astrology, Mars is associated with action, creativity, manifestation, and anger.

Full Moons are associated with a crescendo of emotional energy. Whatever has been building since the New Moon is ready to spill over into external expression. Gemini Full Moons add a degree of anxiety to the mix.

Gemini is a collector and categorizer of information. Mars in Gemini explores a variety of actions as manifestations of ideas. Mars retrograde in Gemini can lose touch with intention. This expression of The Warrior can spin their wheels, generating lots of energy but little forward motion.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Gemini is allied with The Sphinx. The Sphinx is an Earth Altar, designed to pull information down from the Great Star Nations and disseminate that knowledge across the surface of the Earth. We find Gemini in those who are inspired by ideas - the writers, teachers, and communicators of our world. Mars retrograde in Gemini wants action but the connection between inspiration and manifestation is in some way blocked. The desired forward motion cannot happen until we understand where the disconnect is located. We have to examine how we got here and understand the blockage.

The impulse to act during this Full Moon window may be strong. And this Full Moon/Mars retrograde alignment can be characterized as “action for action’s sake.” Action taken at this time will have more to do with an impulse to escape the discomfort of anxiety, which will not create movement toward constructive results. The best course is to stay still, breathe deeply, and connect with the Great Star Nations.

December 6, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Gerd Altmann

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