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Gemini New Moon

May 30, 2022: New Moon at Gemini 9°03’, 7:30 am EDT.

This first Moon cycle after exiting the Eclipse Portal is dominated by a conjunction of Mars to Jupiter in Aries and a square of Mercury retrograde to Saturn. Mercury in Taurus will turn direct on June 3; Saturn in Aquarius will turn retrograde on June 4. This square will dominate the next two weeks as we move toward the crescendo of the June 14 Sagittarius Full Moon (square with Neptune).

We are now moving toward the fourth and final square between Saturn and Uranus, in effect from August through mid-November. The energies of this time are intense and transformative. The players for this next Moon cycle are:

· Mars, the god of war; Set to the Egyptians.

· Jupiter, the principle of expansion; the Young King Horus. After Set kills his brother Osiris (Pluto), Set and Horus fight a centuries long war for inheritance of the throne. Horus wins.

· Mercury (communication) is Thoth in Egyptian myth, creator of writing, language, and time.

· Saturn, the principle of restriction, is Sobek, the Old King. Sobek is Set in his form as protector of the status quo.

· Uranus, the Great Awakener, is Wadjet, the Kundalini Cobra representing life force energy.

The square of Saturn/Sobek and Uranus/Wadjet was in effect for all of 2021. Over the last three months it went underground but is now poised to come roaring back into our collective experience. This is the third quarter square of a process that began in 1987 with the Uranus/Neptune conjunction. The latter transit can be described as a shredding of our dimensional reality that allowed cosmic energy to come pouring through to Earth.

This third quarter square of Saturn/Uranus is a major turning point in a 45-year birth process. Expect some major labor pains in the months ahead.

May 29, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Rebirth by Fire by HolgaJen

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