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Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Jupiter – the principle of expansion. Allied with Horus, the Young King. Vibrant, enthusiastic, and full of life. Saturn – the principle of restriction. Allied with Sobek, the Old King. Wise, experienced, resistant to change. These two describe a fundamental aspect of the human psyche. We struggle with change, simultaneously wanting and resisting, sometimes rushing in and at other times turning away.

With the movement of these two into Aquarius, The Great Shift Alignment is coming to an end. The dismantling is complete and it is time to begin something new.

Aquarius describes the weaving of individuals into a collective. An air sign – visionary, eyes focused on the future, detached in the present. Aquarius is allied with Ptah, creator of Earth and Heaven through the words that he speaks. Ptah’s tongue is connected to his heart – all that he creates comes from love.

Aquarius rules science and technology and advances in these areas will be the foundation of the new structure. Technology can destroy our planet or create a greater connection between us. There will be a desire to merge warring factions into one body. How will this be done? By finding common ground that brings us together or by force? The shadow side of Aquarius is a ruthless insistence that individuals submit to collective needs.

The challenge will be to reinvent our personal and collective world in a way that nourishes new ideas by grounding them in wisdom. When we remember the past while simultaneously opening to ideas emerging from a fresh perspective, we will create a new structure emanating from our collective heart and soul.

Saturn/Sobek and Jupiter/Horus move into Aquarius/Ptah on December 16/17 and 19, respectively.

December 15, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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