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Solstice & Jupiter/Saturn Conjunct

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

On this day something very important will happen. We are being given an opportunity to experience in our cellular structure a resolution of duality.

Solstices are important. If we pay attention, we feel ourselves hesitating at the end of an extreme. The pendulum has gone as far as it can go. It matters not whether this is the Winter or the Summer Solstice – the longest night or the longest day – this is one experience. When we use our imagination to see our planet as a whole, we understand this. Our specific experience is determined by where we live on the surface of the Earth and where our planet is in its orbit around the Sun. This bigger construct determines our individual experience. Now - can we have our individual experience and simultaneously hold awareness of the bigger picture?

On this Solstice we have the two astrological symbols of duality – Jupiter and Saturn – aligning with one another in an exact conjunction. Jupiter – the principle of expansion – and Saturn – the principle of contraction – come together as one. Our usual experience of these two is linear. Sometimes we feel expanded; sometimes restricted. But our soul knows that to be whole, we must reach for the opposite. The most restricted among us will reach for expansion and those naturally expansive individuals will embrace constraint. On this day, we will have the opportunity to feel expansion and contraction as one simultaneous experience, rather than in succession.

What an opportunity! Take time on this day to honor these forces that so define our Earthly journey and allow this amazing experience to imprint on your body, mind, and soul. Call in a new reality construct based on the resolution of duality.

December 20, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by psion005

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