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Jupiter Stationary

Jupiter, the principle of expansion, is stationary and preparing to turn retrograde. With this station, all three of The Great Shift planets (Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter) plus Venus are either retrograde or stationary.

The impact of stationary planets is brief (a few days) but strong. We humans typically respond to this energy by creating personal and collective intensity. Once planets turn retrograde, the energy held by these archetypes goes inward. There is less forward movement on the matter, which brings either relief or frustration depending on the situation.

The outer planets operate at the level of the collective. Pluto is an outer planet and during its retrograde phase we can expect less intensity, meaning that planetary transformation will slow. Jupiter and Saturn are the two ends of the primary Earth polarity – expansion and contraction. Their retrograde phase will feel like a birth process with no obvious outcome - like being in extended labor. Venus operates on a more personal level. With Venus retrograde, we have an opportunity to examine the relationship between our deepest values and our life experience.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Jupiter is aligned with The Young King Horus. We are chaffing at the constraints of the Old King, longing to fly free. The Old King Sobek (Saturn) is strong but in this moment, Horus is stronger. We will break out of that which has constricted us, but we would do well to listen to the wisdom of the Old King. Youthful enthusiasm can charge forth when wiser beings would use caution.

Jupiter turns retrograde on May 14 at Capricorn 27°14’ and will turn direct on September 12. Saturn turns direct on September 29; Pluto on October 5. Venus will turn direct on June 25.

Mary 12, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Horus by DEZALB

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