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Leo Full Moon

February 16, 2022: Full Moon at Leo 27°59’, 11:56 am EST.

Fiery Leo, fifth sign of the Zodiac, the emergence of individuality. This being is sensitive, emotional, and longs for the recognition of others. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Leo is allied with young Anubis who in his maturity becomes the Shower of the Way. Anubis was an abandoned child, left in the desert by his mother Nephthys. Before Anubis can step into the mission of his soul, he must release the pain of his childhood abandonment.

This Full Moon is marked by yearning activated by the memory of a hurt from long ago. Periodically this pain rises to the surface, demanding that we give it our attention. If we do not, we may lash out at others, seeking acknowledgment in whatever way we can.

The Full Moon is always about the tension of the opposites and the Leo/Aquarius opposition is particularly relevant to our present situation. The fabric of our collective is in tatters and there is no way forward except to build something new. Our challenge is to create a society that protects the rights of the individual while simultaneously protecting the rights of the collective. The key word here is “simultaneously.” We do not know how to do this.

At this Full Moon, the Saturn/Uranus square is still present yet waning. Venus and Mars are conjoined, a lovely vision in the early morning sky, rising to the east. The Full Moon opposition is part of a T-square with Ceres, the mother who goes to the ends of the Earth to find her daughter Persephone - so different from Nephthys who left Anubis behind. Yet there is wisdom here. Anubis’ path was set by his abandonment – and who here on Earth cannot say the same? We have all in some way been abandoned. What we do with that wound is up to us. Our fates are not written in the stars but rather in our hearts.

February 15, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Gerd Altmann

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