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Libra New Moon

September 25, 2022 – New Moon at Libra 2°48’, 5:55 pm EDT.

Libra - sign of relationships, duality, the “other.” On the Wheel of the Zodiac, the newly integrated individual awakens to a yearning to be in relationship with another. Collectivization begins with one-on-one relationships; Libra initiates the creation of society.

This New Moon is marked by a strong opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Aries. Together Aries and Libra describe an essential duality: the expression of individuality vs the compromise essential to relationship. Aries can be determined – even war-like – in its desire for personal expression. Libra longs for harmony between opposing forces.

The current transits are not supportive of this Libran desire. Mercury has retrograded into Virgo and is approaching an opposition to Neptune. Mars in Gemini is moving into a square to Neptune and is gradually slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde on October 30. Neptune is a magical yet confusing energy; it is difficult to know what is real and what is not when Neptune is strong.

The Saturn/Uranus square will remain dominant during the run-up to the United States mid-term elections (November 8), as will an assortment of other challenging transits that will culminate with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse on Election Day.

Many people will experience the next two months as extremely challenging. If things are going well for you – count your blessings. And you will encounter individuals who respond to these energies with strong emotions, including anger. Strive to see the bigger picture and do not take the emotions of others personally. Our planet is going through a huge portal and many find this process extremely difficult.

We will all do well to step back and out of polarization. There are other truths besides your own.

September 24, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image from BElatina

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