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Mercury in Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign and its expression is through the mind. This is the sign of the visionary, one who looks ahead to what might be. Mercury is associated with thinking, communication, and our perception of reality. The Aquarian mind casts far into the future. These are the scientists, technology geeks, and future prophets whose vision is trained on the horizon.

This ability to see into the future can cause problems in the present. Mercury in Aquarius individuals have difficulty with emotional expression; their approach can be analytical and detached. When confronted with emotional expression from others they can seem perplexed - think of the character Spock from Star Trek.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mercury is allied with Thoth, the Sacred Scribe. Aquarius is allied with Ptah, creator of the physical planes of Heaven and Earth. Ptah creates the world through his words, and his words are connected to his heart. It is in this concept that we find the deepest meaning of this position. We create our experience of reality through our thoughts and the words we speak. Our words must be connected to our hearts or we risk hurting others with our detachment and lack of empathy.

Thoughts around empathy in communication will come to the fore with this transit of Mercury. Mercury will turn retrograde in Aquarius on January 14 and exit back into Capricorn on January 25, turn direct on February 3, and leave Aquarius on March 9. During this time, examine the reality you are creating with your words and thoughts.

January 2, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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