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Mercury Stationary

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Mercury is allied with Thoth, the Sacred Scribe. Thoth is the creator of language, writing and time. In traditional astrology, Mercury is the planet of thought processes and communication.

Mercury retrograde periods are associated with delays in external action and difficulties in communication. It is true that during these times forward progress can be short circuited. Rather than attempting to make things happen, we are being invited to turn inward, toward contemplation and introspection. Our world does not easily allow for such times so we can feel frustrated during Mercury retrograde periods. Misunderstandings will happen if we aren’t listening closely, and our desire to make things happen quickly is blocked. If, however, we spend time going inwards with conscious intention to listen and receive, there are riches to be reaped.

Mercury will be turning retrograde in an opposition to Uranus – Wadjet in the Egyptian pantheon. Uranus/Wadjet is the Great Awakener and this stationary period will bring a degree of unpredictability. Mercury/Thoth is turning retrograde in Scorpio, allied with the cat goddess Bast. Scorpio is closely associated with Pluto/Osiris – Lord of the Underworld – and during this retrograde period hidden information will emerge from our collective and personal subconscious. Secrets and lies will be revealed.

Mercury turns retrograde on October 13 on the 11° of Scorpio and will retrograde back into Libra on October 27, turning direct on November 3 at Libra 26° in a square to Saturn. Mercury will re-enter Scorpio on November 10.

October 12, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Peter Lomas

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