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More about Uranus/Neptune

Since I posted my last blog about the Uranus/Neptune alignment generation, I've had the opportunity to see "Harriet", a bio pic about the anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman. Born and raised in slavery, Harriet escaped in her 20s and became a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She led 70 people to freedom and went on to command a unit of African American Union Army troops during the Civil War. During one raid, they rescued over 750 people from slavery and sent them north to freedom.

Harriet's date of birth is not known but she was clearly born during the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of the early 1820s. Almost everything about her - her spirituality, her clarity of vision, her confidence in her path - describes a Uranus/Neptune alignment. To be born and raised in slavery, a black person and a woman, and do the things she did is more than remarkable. It is amazing. Those carrying this conjunction in their charts (born around 1990 - 1996) would do well to learn about her as she is a beacon for what can be accomplished by this generation.

Worth noting - there was a plan to remove Andrew Jackson - a slave owning president and implementer of the Indian Removal Act (1830) - from the front of the $20 bill and replace him with an image of Harriet Tubman. She would have been the first woman and first African American be so honored. Andrew Jackson's image would still be there, relegated to the back of the bill. The Trump administration decided not to make the change, which was scheduled for 2020.

By Ruby Falconer, February 1, 2020.

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