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New Moon Solar Eclipse

Scorpio 2°00’, October 25 at 6:49 am EDT.

With this Scorpio New Moon, we enter a two-week Eclipse Portal - October 25 to November 8 – and complete a five-month phase of experience.

As you prepare to enter the portal, think back to May 16, the beginning of our current period. What has happened in your life?

Here are a few global events: the ongoing Ukraine war, monkeypox, worldwide inflation woes and political upheaval, several brutal weather events (heat waves in Europe, floods in Pakistan, Hurricanes Fiona and Ian), gains by the far-right in European elections (France, Sweden, Italy), the death of Queen Elizabeth, and amazing deep space images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

This is a partial Solar Eclipse, visible primarily in eastern Europe and southwest Asia. While a partial eclipse carries less impact, there are overriding factors. The current Saturn/Uranus square is strong, and Saturn is still stationary. Mars is slowing to station (October 30) square to Neptune, and this New Moon is conjunct to Venus (cazimi) in Scorpio, a strong and passionate sign.

The five-month period between Eclipse Portals aligns with a theme. The primary astrological story of this completing phase has been the fourth and final Third Quarter square of Saturn and Uranus. The theme has been an acceleration of the struggle between the status quo – the Patriarchy - and a new era striving to be born.

On a personal level, consider this Eclipse Portal as a passage from one phase of experience to another. Enter the tunnel between these two worlds consciously. Be like a snake (a Scorpio symbol of transformation), wriggling out of its outworn skin. What is it you want to leave in the darkness between the worlds?

Worthy of note: we will exit the tunnel into a Total Lunar Eclipse on US Election Day (November 8).

October 23, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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