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Sagittarius Full Moon

June 14, 2022: Full Moon at Sagittarius 23°25’, 7:52 am.

Higher spirituality, cosmic consciousness, imagination, intuition, inspiration, confusion, illusion, delusion. These are the qualities of Neptune. At this Sagittarius Full Moon, Neptune forms a T-square with the Sun/Moon opposition. Neptune will turn retrograde at the June 28 Full Moon; between now and then, Neptune will advance only 3 minutes. The energy of the Hidden One is strong.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Neptune is allied with Nephthys, Keeper of the Mysteries Behind the Veils. Although her name is less familiar, Nephthys plays an important role in the Egyptian Mysteries. She is the mother – and abandoner - of Anubis, fathered by Osiris, the husband of her sister Isis. Her husband is Set, brother of Osiris and his murderer. When Isis searches for her murdered husband, Nephthys accompanies her. When Anubis, in his role of Way Shower, brings the newly deceased souls into the Underworld, Nephthys bathes their soul in an elixir of sacred oils. Shrouded in mystery, hidden behind the mists, one never knows what will emerge when the qualities of Neptune/Nephthys are strong. Intuition, magic, betrayal, confusion – all are part of her medicine.

During this Full Moon Window, question what you think you know. Sagittarius – the fierce Lion Headed Goddess Sekhmet – is a fiery Full Moon energy. We feel a fierce surge of passion emanating from the unseen world and, certain of our truth, we want to act! Yet not all is as it seems. Probe the waves of intuition and illusion and sit with uncertainty. Find the truth concealed behind the illusion of our thoughts. Herein lies the mysterious power of the Dark Goddess, hidden behind the veils of space and time.

June 13, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Enrique Meseguer

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