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Saturn Stationary

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Constraining, restrictive, oppressive, and protective, Saturn is stationary.

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Saturn is allied with Sobek, The Old King. Sobek, often shown as a man with a crocodile head, represents the reptilian brain. Saturn/Sobek is a protector. His purpose is to keep us in form so that we can manifest our soul purpose. In his quest to attain his purpose, he can be ruthlessly resistant to change and overly attached to the status quo.

Saturn/Sobek aspects and transits usually feel oppressive. This station of Saturn precedes the Aries Full Moon and is in a square to transiting Mars – Set the Warrior King. Eris, goddess of Strife and Discord, is aligned with Mars/Set and square to Saturn/Sobek. Pluto – Osiris, the Lord of Regeneration – is also slowing to station and will turn direct on October 4 in a conjunction to Saturn.

These are intense and heavy transits. For many, this time will feel dark, repressive, and even dangerous. If you feel stuck and unable to move, take a deep breath and trust that this energy will move on. It is powerful, and transformative. Through his single-minded focus, Saturn/Sobek draws our attention to what is ready to change in our lives and our world. His compatriot in the Great Shift Alignment – Pluto/Osiris – will initiate the transformation.

Saturn/Sobek will turn direct in the early morning hours of September 29 (eastern time).

September 27, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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