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Saturn/Uranus Square

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The astrological story for October involves the fourth and final Third Quarter square of constraining Saturn and explosive Uranus. They will remain within a degree of an exact square for most of the month. This is a powerful aspect, with a lingering effect.

It is important to understand what this energy is. Saturn is the container that holds and protects new life – the casing of a seed, the shell of an egg, the uterus holding the developing fetus. Saturn – Old King Sobek in the Egyptian pantheon - will not let go. The new life contained within – Uranus (Wadjet, the Kundalini Cobra) – must become strong enough to break through Saturn’s hold. This is a birth process and therefore inherently unpredictable. “Unpredictable” is one of the adjectives used to describe Uranus/Wadjet.

The cycle of Saturn/Uranus lasts 45 years. Our current cycle began with a conjunction in 1988/89, followed by an even more powerful conjunction of Uranus and Neptune. A doorway to a new reality cracked open. The first square of Saturn/Uranus was in 1999/2000; the opposition – 2008/10; the final square – 2021/22. There were three exact squares in 2021 – February, June, and December. Now we have the final square. Our current cycle will end with a new conjunction in 2032.

This square is part of a much longer transition into a new Earth reality, a process that is intensifying. This impending birth – and the death that must precede it – affects us all in challenging ways. This is an uncomfortable place and it will not end soon. Everything we are collectively experiencing – destructive weather events, political upheaval, economic uncertainty, revolutionary and reactionary ideas - all reflect this Saturn/Uranus cycle. The old world is dying but the new one is not yet here.

October 4, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Mud Cracks by Brett Weston

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