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Sun in Taurus

Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and, in many ways, the earthiest. These natives relate to the world through their senses. They are dancers, gardeners, mechanics, sculptors, yoga and martial arts practitioners. They enjoy good food, comfortable surroundings, and sensual experiences. In their shadow, these individuals can be retentive – stubborn and acquisitive of things, situations, people, and ideas. The purpose of this sign is to sink roots deep into the Earth. Letting go seems to run counter to this intention.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Taurus is aligned with Hathor. Among the most ancient of archetypes, Hathor is the Egyptian version of the Great Goddess. Hathor’s message is that enlightenment in this dimension cannot be attained through idealization. The lessons Earth has to offer can only be learned through embodiment - experiencing our senses to the fullest, the pain as well as the pleasure. This goddess loves everything about being alive and encourages us to do the same.

Taurus/Hathor is associated with nature run riot, bursting forth in dazzling waves of life force energy. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring has sprung. The trees are in bloom and new life is erupting, delivering an abundance of beauty and color - a feast for the eyes. It is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The plants have come to full term, ready for harvest, and the turning leaves provide a radiant afterglow before the dying time of winter. Both experiences are an invitation to our senses, reminding us of the joys of embodiment. As Hathor says, “Come on down.” Only by fully embodying will we learn the lessons and reap the gifts that are offered by this Earth journey.

The Sun will remain in Taurus/Hathor until May 20. April 19,

2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: Rainbow Mother Earth by Matryx

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