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Sun in Virgo

Logical, organized, discerning and critical, Virgos are the Dr. Spocks of the Zodiac. This earth sign is the last sign (#6) of the first half of the Wheel, which describes the birth, growth, and development of the individual. The Virgo process involves perfecting the individual so they are ready to enter into relationship with another.

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Virgo is allied with the vulture goddess, Nekhbet. Nekhbet is the Crone Priestess, holding the grandmother role in the archetypal realm. In traditional astrology, Virgo is associated with the archetype of The Priest/ess, one who walks a path of purity and dedication to service. The Vulture, the animal totem of Egyptian Nekhbet, is symbolic of purification. These magnificent birds consume carrion which would be poison to others. In their bodies, this poison is transmuted into nurturance.

In their shadow expression, Virgo may shame themselves and others with an illusion of perfection. Nekhbet never will. When it is time to step into a larger version of ourselves, Nekhbet comes forth. Regarding us with a stern yet compassionate eye, she asks if we are doing what we came here to do? “Are you on your path, working in harmony with your Soul Purpose?” If we are not, she simply tells us to go do whatever we must so that we can show up more fully in our lives. She encourages us to work with the pain of our lives and transmute it into gold. Though this process, which can only come with maturity, we step into who it is we came here to be and do the work that is ours to do.

The Sun will remain in the emanation of Virgo/Nekhbet from August 22/23 to September 22.

August 23, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Christine Sponchia

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