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Taurus Solar Eclipse

New Moon Solar Eclipse at Taurus 10°28’, April 30, 2022, 4:28 pm EDT.

The Taurus New Moon marks the end of the eclipse phase that began on December 4. The last 5 months have been dominated by the third quarter square of Saturn to Uranus, an “echo” of the 2020 Capricorn Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn alignment, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Global events have included a Covid surge during the Capricorn echo (December through February) and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, beginning February 24 and coinciding with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.

This Solar Eclipse will be followed by a total Lunar Eclipse on May 15/16. The two weeks between eclipses are a tunnel between two phases of experience. It is important to enter this portal consciously, aware of all we have experienced over the last 5 months and willing to consciously release it. When we step out of the tunnel in two weeks, we will be entering a new phase of experience.

This is a partial Solar Eclipse with limited visibility in southwestern South America and Antarctica. The energies that surround it, however, are quite intense. Pluto is stationary, conjunct to the United States’ Pluto (a Pluto Return). Jupiter is pulling out of its alignment with Neptune and is in exact conjunction to Venus. The Sun/Moon conjunction is aligned with unpredictable Uranus and in a harmonious relationship to Mars. While the square between Saturn and Uranus is at its widest orb (10 degrees), these two will come back into relationship with each other from August through November.

The energy of this eclipse phase builds on the one we are currently completing. Its theme is the necessity to accept change. The changes we are experiencing are serious, challenging, and irreversible. We must adapt quickly.

April 29, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image: “Solar Eclipse”, Quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert

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