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The Great Shift Challenge, Phase 1. The Death.

We began with the square (a challenging relationship) of Venus to Jupiter (February 23). The opportunity provided by this transit is to envision what we want to receive by examining the structure we currently have. We now move on to acknowledging what stands in the way – what must die - for this vision to manifest. This is astrologically expressed through a square of Venus to Pluto.

Between now and March 3, spend time in rigorous self-examination of the attitudes, behaviors, situations and people that do not support and/or are blocking the manifestation of your vision. Make a list of what needs to be released. This is a death process and in order to activate it, a journey into your personal underworld is required. This is a Dark Night of the Soul. And, this too shall pass.

If you are just joining The Challenge, you can still participate. First, envision the support you want to receive – people, place and situation. Then move on to an examination of what is preventing the manifestation of your vision. For more information, read my February 23 post.

February 28, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Photo: Dreamy by Louis Loizides Mitsu

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