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The Great Shift Challenge, Phase 2. A Call to Action.

My oh my – what a difference a few weeks can make. When I began The Great Shift Challenge on February 23, I had no idea that 3 ½ weeks later we would be in a global response to a pandemic. The Great Shift Challenge was intended to be in support of personal change. Collective transformation happens when individuals change. And, there are times when collective events overtake us and all we can do is hang on for dear life.

We astrologers have viewed The Great Shift of 2020 as a birth into a new reality. The process of birth includes pain, fear and chaos. We must remember that. And, to support us in the way I can, I will continue to offer The Great Shift Challenge.

Phase 2 is all about Mars, The Warrior. Mars is moving into exact conjunction to Jupiter (March 20), Pluto (March 23) and Saturn (March 31). Mars is about action. Our challenge is to find creative action that will support us, those we love and our community. Like the first person in Italy who went out on their balcony and started singing. Or the people in Spain who stand at their windows and clap for health care professionals. The people posting words of encouragement and hope on Facebook, reminding us that even if we can’t be together in form, social media (a very Aquarian manifestation) can keep us connected. We humans are social animals; isolation can create loneliness and despair.

The first phase of this challenge was about defining the values we want to take with us into this new era. What do we want to receive? This phase is about how we can manifest our values in action. Where are you needed and what can you do, for yourself, your community and your planet? Make a plan and over the next two weeks, put it in action. This is a Call to Action.

March 18, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

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