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The Great Shift Challenge, Phase 3 – Adaptation: The Beginning.

The first phase of this challenge was about defining our values for the New Era; what we want to receive. The second phase was a Call to Action; doing now what is ours to do. This phase is called Adaptation and will last for the next month, through mid-May.

In this period, our major players – Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn – will remain conjunct but with a bit of distance between them. All three will turn retrograde, as will Venus. The intensity of our present experience will turn inward. There will be less external volatility, but there will be frustration around the lack of forward movement and resolution.

Covid-19 will continue to affect us in various ways. Some among us will be directly affected through illness or worry about loved ones. Societal affects will be ongoing - varying levels of quarantine, changes in how we work, go to school and live our lives. There will be challenges: continuing shortages, incompetence in government, blame and finger pointing, and the ever-present fear that none of us can fully escape - what else is to come?

We may have a vision for ourselves and our world, but we cannot create it alone. Our beautiful dreams will not manifest if we have not factored in the actions of others. We can envision a new reality, but in order to manifest it, we must first accept what is. Others will not change until they are ready to change. We do not change until we are ready to change.

For right now, allow yourselves to sit with what is. Not with what you want, but what is. The first step toward change is fully accepting the present reality, warts and all. And, while you sit with what is, keep your eye on the prize. Hold on to your vision of what can be.

April 15, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Solarus

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