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Virgo New Moon

September 17, 2020: New Moon at Virgo 25°01’, 7:00 am EDT.

This New Moon window is dominated by a square (a challenging relationship) of Mercury in Libra to Jupiter, the principle of expansion. From now through November 6, Mercury will move through three squares to the Great Shift Planets (Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn) and an opposition to Mars. There will be many opportunities for honest conversations with others. The question will be, can we accept these opportunities?

Libra loves an open exchange and, in its shadow expression, Mercury in Libra is afraid of conflict. How many of us live or work with people with very different perspectives on what is happening in our world and choose to say nothing rather than risk conflict?

In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Libra is aligned with Ma’at, goddess of truth, balance, and justice. Ma’at teaches us to be open to all of life’s experiences – harmony and conflict, light and dark, life and death. While it is a very human tendency to position ourselves at one end of a polarity, Ma’at asks us to see that the entire spectrum is part of our Earth experience.

The Virgo New Moon alignment is in a harmonious relationship (a trine) with the Great Shift Planets. Nekhbet – the Egyptian ally of Virgo – encourages us to fully participate in the great adventure of life. We are all players in this story and we each have a sacred point of view. To fully play our part, we have to say what we think while holding space for the bigger picture. If those around us cannot do this – or do not wish to – that does not mean that we should not. It is only by embracing our truth while simultaneously holding a clear vision of the full spectrum of experience that we can resolve the duality within ourselves, and thereby contribute to the resolution of duality on our planet.

September 16, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Photo by Mabel Amber

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