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Virgo New Moon

August 27, 2022 – New Moon at Virgo 4°03’, 4:17 am EDT.

The theme for this Moon cycle (August 27 – September 25) is discernment of right action.

Virgo is a practical earth sign, skilled at prioritizing. This sign understands what is important and what is not – a consideration triggering a fair amount of stress at this time. Mars has entered Gemini, a confusing placement for the planet of action, creativity, and anger. During this Dark Moon, Mars moves into a square to the Sun and will be exactly square (a challenging aspect) to the Sun/Moon conjunction.

Venus and Ceres in Leo form a t-square to the Saturn/Uranus square, now fully in effect. Venus is the planet of values; Ceres represents our ability to give and receive nurturing. Leo wants to be seen, acknowledged, and heard, an experience many particularly long for at this time.

Mercury will turn retrograde in Libra at the Full Moon (September 10). Between now and then, Mercury will move through an opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Some communications will be affected by impulsivity and combativeness. What starts out as a discussion may spin out of control into conflict.

To minimize these situations in your life, first understand that these are stressful times. Many people are frustrated, and some will be quick to anger. If you find yourself confronted with a situation that feels like it may spin out of control, say what you need to say but do your best to say it calmly and with Virgo precision.

Call upon Nekhbet – the Crone Priestess of ancient Egypt and ally of Virgo – to ground you in clarity of thought and impeccable action.

August 25, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

Image by Julius H.

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